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[comments-wgb] ICANN has no mandate for the Sunrise +20 rule

Please stop this lunacy and get back to the mandate and U.S. Constitution!
ICANN has gone far beyond its scope with the Sunrise +20 proposal.  We have too much regulation as it is.  Moreover, ICANN and NSI seem to be in collusion to keep big business and politicians in place and squash (literally) the mom and pop entrepreneurial business.  The Internet was meant to be a place of freedom, worldwide opportunity for business and education/information.  ICANN apparently seeks to destroy this concept by literally giving big business (or those with the resources to pursue it) any possible variation of domain names they want.  The Sunrise +20 could conceivably represent a combination of 20 million names, substantially leaving out the majority of the world for "viable names."  ICANN does not have the moral, ethical or legal mandate to put into place or enforce this arbitrary rule.  I have every hope that the public does everything in its power to force a rejection of this lunacy.
We have perfectly good trademark laws to protect entities.  We don't need to pre-empt them, nor do we have the right to do this.
I  propose that the board disband, since there is no possible way that those with a vested interest in the Sunrise +20, or any other protective measure can fairly institute or fashion any such proposal.  I, for one, would support an entity to challange any such rule in the courts - all the way to the Supreme Court.  I would hope that Internet users from all the countries in the world would do the same, since they, also, stand to be excluded in the same fashion as the mega corporations and trademark attorneys.
I would hate to think that my domain names could be taken from me even though I have had them for years.  One of those names (not the domain name) has been in use since 1983; the other since 1989.  I would hate to see it wrenched from me because some mega corporation decided its name was more important than mine.  In addition, if decided I wanted to exercise my right to free speech and free enterprise in the U.S. and create a domain for complaints against xyzcompany and registered xyzcompanyNOT.com.  That should be my right.  The sunrise rule would preclude the world from registering millions of names because they lack the clout.  Where are the constitutional law attorneys?  I find it extraordinary that it has been allowed to progress this far.
ICANN, stop this lunacy.  The rest of the world does not want "big brother" watching us.  I have noticed that most of the support mail in this forum is from the mega corps and trademark groups and attorneys.  What does that say about bias??? 
Leah Gallegos
Creative CompuSec
Virginia Beach, VA