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[comments-wgb] Forget sunrise - dnso as trademark police?

To Whom It May Concern:

Please do not become the trademark police.  The last several years have
become a land-grab for cyber squatters and the like trying to make a quick
buck by registering any name that may have value.  Open the tld's - in fact,
make them wide open within a three-character limit (i.e. .aaa .aab .aac
etc.).  This would allow for 'coke.xxx' to exist for the energy industry,
the beverage industry, and 17,574 additional industries - as well as making
it infeasible for just one group to totally monopolize a name.  Limiting the
tld extensions to three letters reduces the technical challenge of adding
tld's, and in five years time consider opening the tld's to four letters.
Define your role as technical implementation of a globally open system
rather than a puppet to the World Intellectual Property Organization and
trademark lawyers.  The 'sunrise provisions' simply pander to these groups
and place further burdens on ICANN.

Hurry if you can.  Every day that goes by creates additional vested
interests thinking 'now that I have got mine, I do not want anyone else to
get anything like it without paying me'.  Slow and cautious works for many
projects, but fails to work in Internet time.  Internet years are like dog
years - seven go by for each calendar year.  Just open the system up, and
make cyber squatting (by cyber squatters or corporate legal counsels)

Feel free to contact me at any time, and thank you for your attention.

Ken Cowan
Dir. I.T. Fuisz Technologies Ltd.