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[comments-wgb] Comments to Sunrise+20 Proposal

To Whom It May Concern:

Intel Corporation is an owner both of globally famous trademarks, and many
less well-known trademarks.  As such, Intel strongly supports the Sunrise+20
Proposal as an effective means of protecting the legitimate intellectual
property interests and preventing cybersquatters from misappropriating
trademarks for use as domain names.  However, Intel also recognizes that
some may object to the "+20" part of the proposal as being overly protective
of famous trademark owner rights, and not sufficiently protective of the
free-speech rights of citizens and/or the rights of owners of less
well-known marks.  Accordingly, Intel would also support a Sunrise+5 (or
some number less than 20) proposal, and would view such a proposal as a good
balance between the affected interests.

Anne Gundelfinger
Director, Trademarks & Brands
Intel Corporation