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[comments-review] comments-review@dnso.org is OPEN

Call for DNSO public comments on the Report from the DNSO Review Task Force.

The DNSO Review Task Force Report v2 (v2 includes NC discussion)
is open for two weeks public comments, starting 28 January 2001,
ending 11 February 2001.

All comments shall be sent to comments-review@dnso.org, no later
than 11 February 2001 (24:00 CET).  Any mail sent to
any other e-mail address will not be considered.

The Draft DNSO Review report, version 2.0, is posted at:

The full archives of DNSO public comments are on line at:

The DNSO Review History in the Making is at:

The WG-Review is co-chaired by Youn Jung Park, named by the NC (liaison
co-chair), and by Greg Burton, elected by the WG-Review members
(working co-chair).

DNSO Secretariat

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