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[comments-gtlds] WG C comments

I would like to offer congratulations to members of WG C on the progress
made toward establishing broad consensus on key issues relating to the
introduction of new gTLDs.

Melbourne It supports the position set out in Position Paper A for a range
of reasons including that this approach:

* provides for the expansion of the gTLD space in a stable, predictable and
professional manner;
* is responsive to the requirements of both commercial and non-commercial
consumers/end users; and
* provides an opportunity for IP, consumer protection and other issues
associated with the expansion of gTLDs to emerge progressively and be
addressed in a systematic manner.

Melbourne IT also supports the view that ICANN should accredit registries by
reference to a range of criteria including the applicant's technical ability
to provide registry services and appropriate support to registrars, the
applicants financial stability and a general principle of global diversity
which ensures that the administration of the DNS is as far a practicable,
geographically dispersed.


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