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[comments-gtlds] Re: [IFWP] Comments on the gTLD Expansion Proposals

Jay Fenello wrote:
> Fact is, many have *already* decided that it is a
> corrupt sideshow.  We refuse to pretend that ICANN
> is legitimate, that our comments matter, and that
> anything we might say might influence the pending
> decisions.  And most importantly, we refuse to give
> ICANN any legitimacy by participating in its bogus
> processes.

I susbscribe to and applaud what Jay Fenello has said here. ICANN
has never represented the Internet community or its true
stakeholders, and it never will. It is no more than a coalition of
special interests tied together by a common will to control and
manipulate the Internet for their own economic benefit, and as such
is an illegal entity in violation of United States federal law.

ICANN should be ignored, or destroyed.

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