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[comments-gtlds] Forward for Cheryl Spaniola (I support Position Paper E)

A bounce error by a Title IX Indian Education Program director,
forwarded to the correct address by the Position Paper E author.

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Subject: I support Position Paper E
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From: Cheryl L Spaniola <ikweawesii@juno.com>
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To Whom this concerns;

I have attempted to send e-mail in support of this issue to the address
given (gtlds@dnso.org) with no success, message states address is
unknown.  I would like to support this, if you could get my letter of
support to appropriate person(s) I would appreciate it.

Thank you, 
Cheryl Spaniola

cc: alan@niec.net, brunner@world.std.com, jcristescu@treaty7.org,

It would be wonderful to have in place, from before the birth of an
indigenous TLD, all the information that a person would need and intend
to work on, study or just simply to learn. 

I do prefer an indigenous TLD that respects our own traditions, and
protects indigenous property, especially
intellectual property.  Right now only an indigenous TLD can do that.

For myself, as director of a Title IX Indian Education Program, an
information seeker and provider, having DNS for
Indigenous peoples of North America would make research easier,
trustworthy and simpler.  All I would have to do is go to the sites with
the Indigenous peoples DNS. 

I would know that when I refer a student to an "Indigenous DNS" site I
could be sure they are going to find genuine and factual information. It
is going to be information which has not been misappropriated.  I would
know  my students are getting firsthand facts.

An Indigneous peoples site is a necessity if the world is to hear the
truth of the Indigenous peoples of North America. 


Cheryl L. Spaniola
Anishinaabe Kinoomaagewin
Swartz Creek, Michigan 

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