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[comments-gtlds] I Support Position Paper E

Greetings all at ICANN:

As a member of the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma, I feel it's important that
you know there are MANY Indian people concerned with Tribal Sovereignty and
Intellectual Property Rights on the internet. It only takes a quick search
on the web to see individuals who freely appropriate Indian art, writings
and lifeways -- claiming it as their own or interpreting these items

Designating a domain name identification for the over 500 Indian Sovereign
Nations in the United States would be of great use to the many people who
search the web looking for facts -- not opinions about Indian people. For
those looking for non-profit groups online, the .org designation goes a long
way in assuring donors their funds are going to a good cause, or that the
information provided online comes straight from the non-profit group's

Please add Position Paper E to your guidelines.  It will make a world of
difference to the millions of Indian people in North America.

Thank you,
Arigon Starr
A proud member of the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma and the Online Community
Wacky Productions Unlimited
P.O. Box 46158
West Hollywood, CA  90046-0158