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Re: [comments-gtlds] I support Position Paper E (Cota)

Chris Costa at the Tech Museum in San Jose asks some reasonable
questions, I'll try to answer them briefly, in a personal capacity.

1. Does the Intertribal Council On Utility Policy (COUP) actually
represent all of the Tribes?

No. There are 588 (or so) Federally Recognized Indian Tribes (FRIT),
and just over 600 Treaty Bands in the US and Canada, respectively,
just to take the simplist BIA/DIAND framework (BAR and Constitutional
status groups omitted).

To the broadest extent an answer is possible to the question of who
could "represent all of the Tribes", two answers come to mind:
	1. The NCAI and AFN (and several other bodies)
	2. The BIA and DIAND (the US and Canadian Federal Governments)

The InterTribal COUP web pages may be referred to for the membership
and policy activities of the organization.

2. And what process was used to select NEIC.NET, TREATY7.ORG, NITI.ORG,
and WAMPUMPEAG.COM to do the administration?

Fundamentally self-selection by the most experienced regional network
operators, followed by review and approval at the Palm Springs NCAI
meeting. We tried to get on the Joint NCAI/AFN schedule for Vancouver,
but we were late, and they were very booked.

Thanks for bringing up two issues of importance,
Eric Brunner