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[comments-gtlds] Recognition of Tribal Government Sovereignty

To WTO & Whom it may Concern:

    This message is to state my strong urging that the WTO, the U.N., the U.S. and the other Nations of this world, and the international organizations which the co-sponsor start acting as you have individually and collectively agreed to do.  That is,  the First Nations of the Western Hemisphere (and those indigenous nations elsewhere around the world) were recognized through various treaties, and in the U.S. specifically there are numerous constitutional, legislative and judicial recognitions of the sovereignty of the Indian Tribes and nations, and of their governments.  Therefore, I was appalled to find out that they are currently denied the right to use the ".gov" suffix in their web sites, domain and e-mail names.  Is this not more than just a bit discriminatory?

    Why don't you people stop trying to continue to hold down and control the Indigenous Nations, and instead recognize them as your laws, morality and common decency require you to do!  I urge you to immediately allow the Tribal governments and Indian Nations in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere to use the nomenclature appropriate to their sovereign status.  Ignoring them and their people will not make them disappear.

Thomas J. Trischler, a businessman and a Cherokee!