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[comments-gtlds] TLD's and .naa

Dear Mr. Brunner:

I am forwarding my thoughts on the proposal to increase the number of  Top
Level Domain (TLD) names.  This has been a topic of discussion on a list
that I belong to.  I would appreciate having your input on the questions I

I am also interested in knowing more about each of the NCAI endorsed
organizations.  I would appreciate any information you can provide.

Thank you,

Carla Walker

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Subject: Re: [FN]

> In reviewing this document, I am a bit disturbed by  some of the language.
> <excerpt 1>
> Page 7, Number 8.
> The stakeholders in a top-level domain to be operated
> by the Indigenous Nations of North America in the DNS
> root are the National Congress of American Indians and
> Assembly of First Nations, the network information
> centers (registry operators), the voice and data
> network infrastructure providers, tribal governments
> and quasi-governmental bodies, elected officials and
> candidates for elected offices, non-profit
> organizations, for-profit entities, individuals, bands
> and clans, language and arts institutions, general
> educational institutions, sectorial formations and
> professional and trade associations, and trademark
> agents.
> <end excerpt 1>
> Doesn't this leave the door wide open to the
> 'medicine-for-sale' groups and the wannabee groups who
> have incorporated their endeavors?  The way I read the
> proposal this is an open invitation for all of them.
> Is there a set guideline for who is a "band or clan"?
> This brings back memories of the discussion we just
> had regarding the Abenaki.
> <excerpt 2>
> Page 10, Number 12 (continued).
> WHEREAS, The NCAI endorses the preparation to meet the
> requirements for the operation and management of a
> top-level domain, and of the capabilities of the
> Nevada Indian Environmental Coalition (NIEC) and
> Treaty 7 Tribal Council (TREATY7), internet service
> providers, and the National Indian Telecommunications
> Institute (NITI) and Abenaki Community of Portland
> (WAMPUMPEAG), centers of technical excellence.
> <end excerpt 2>
> What are the guidelines for registering for .naa?  Who
> determines who is legit?  As an example, the Abenaki
> are not recognized by any governing body in the U.S.,
> yet one of the groups endorsed by NCAI is the Abenaki
> Community of Portland.  Who are they?
> This is much to vague for me.  I forsee every one of
> those wiccan/ new age/ shaman/ wannabee/ shouldabeen/
> couldabeen/ sachem/ healer/ crystal hugger/ culture
> vulture type of creatures trying to get in on the big
> validation ride.  I can hear them now, "See, I got the
> .naa designation, they think I'm for real....nya, nya.
>  Now you HAVE to take me seriously."
> Organizations such NARF and IAIA for example, and all
> the indian schools and colleges should surely be part
> of this.  But, who will determine what group is valid?
>  Are we opening another 'Pandora's Box'??
> I hope I'm wrong.
> Carla