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[comments-gtlds] I support Position Paper E

The Los Angeles City/County Native American Indian Commission was
founded in 1972 by Ordinance of the City and County.  The Commission
represents the interests of nearly 70,000 American Indians who reside in
the County.

We believe that at least one new TLD name be approved with the intent
that it shall be run as a jurisdictional scoped gTLD.  Specifically, the
TLD name "NAA" should be approved with the intent that it be run as a
gTLD jurisdictional scoped to North America and the territories, trusts
and treaty dependencies of the United States and Canada.  The policy
model should be delegated to the designates of the National Congress of
American Indians/Assembly of First Nations, pursuant to NCAI Resolution
PALM SPRINGS-99-000[4].

The NCAI/AFN are the appropriate bodies to accept the delegation of a
gTLD.  The NCAI/AFN are the appropriate bodies to delegate the basic
policy model articulated in the Mataatua Declaration on Cultural and
Intellectual Property Rights of Indigenous Peoples, specifically
recommendation 1.8, to establish an appropriate body with appropriate
mechanisms to:
      a) preserve and monitor the commercialism or otherwise of
indigenous cultural
          properties in the public domain,    and
      b) generally advise and encourage indigenous peoples to take steps
to protect their
          cultural heritage.

Please contact me if additional information is needed regarding this
support letter.  You may e-mail me or call me at 213-351-5308.


Ron Andrade
Executive Director