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A factual error has been asserted into the comment record. Please
allow me to correct it.

Mike Heltzer of INTA asserts that "There has been no consensus --
rough or otherwise -- with respect to new gTLDs.  There was no
vote taken in WG-C.  Mr. Weinberg has drawn up the idea that
there is consensus.  It is based on his own notions, nothing

This is not true. Votes were taken in September based on a
"compromise proposal" submitted by the WG co-chair. Here is the
relevant documentation:

"Compromise proposal," 1st September 1999

IP constituency representatives reaction to the compromise

Official statement from WG Chairs confirming that the compromise
proposal had the support of 70% of the list members, made 17
September 1999.

In short, a proposal was made, expressions of support were
received and counted, and the compromise proposal prevailed,
overwhelmingly. It is true that a few people did not support it,
but we must not attempt to re-write history in an attempt to
disqualify it as an expression of rough consensus within the