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[comments-gtlds] Paper B Best Overall, includes interests

Of the Position Papers written,  B is the best overall position to be taken:

--for those who are supporting E, you'll note that in Paper B, section 4c
includes consideration for "distince cultural/linguistic groups"

--concerning new TLDs Paper B urges a "flexible, diverse, and open approach"

--Paper B believes that "the TLD policy ought to reflect end user
preferences, not top-down, preconceived notions of where users ought to

--Paper B recognizes that only 6-10 new gTLDs "risks creating an oligopoly
of registries, and a monopoly under each name"

--concerning ICANN's role, Paper B says "Regulatory and legal remedies to
consumer protection problems that develop should be left to professional
regulators in national governments.  ICANN should concentrate exclusively on
technical and administrative coordination of registry operators to ensure
stability, interoperability, and accountability"

Of the solutions offered in the Papers, I support Position Paper B as the
best approach.

Bob Stoddard