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[comments-gtlds] The .web gTDL

Hi ,

I would just like to say -

That ICANN should honor the agreement from July of 1996 (by IANA) to
bring the gTDL '.web'  into the root servers! This has been an ongoing
struggle for 4
years now! The .com, .net, and .org address space is almost gone!  We
really do need new gTDL's. Here are some reasons that .web should be

1) Image Online Design is currently the longest-standing prospective
2) The .WEB registry has been continuously operational since 31 July,

Although IANA tried to take the .web address for themselves, it still
remains as one of the most popular gTDL's. People have almost come to
expect this as a natural expansion of the TDL's. In your recommendations
to ICANN please recommend that the '.web' registry be added to the root
name servers.

Thank you,

Kendall Dawson <kendall@paradigm.nu>