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[comments-gtlds] Routing Around the ICANN

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From: Randy Bush <randy@psg.com>

"i beg to differ.  my repeated attempts to join wg-a.1 were repeatedly


I think that we all have to try our best to route
around the ICANN. You and John Klension were
part of Jon Postel's ITAG which designed the
ICANN. You might want to compare notes on
where you think it is headed.

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From: John C Klensin <klensin@mci.net>

"I continue to hope, as I've suggested in the past, that ICANN
rapidly achieves its highest and best state, that of becoming
uncontroversial, unthreating, fairly inactive, and generally
boring.  I also hope that, even more quickly, the Protocol
Council in particular, and the PSO more generally, gets good at
doing absolutely nothing; so good at it that it stops even
occurring to anyone (or any organization) to see the PSO as a
place to work out their instincts toward activism.  There is
certainly a place for activist organizations that promote change
and maybe get aggressive about coordination; but I don't believe
the Protocol Council should be one of them."


Jim Fleming