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[comments-gtlds] Usage of the term gTLD shows bias...

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From: Jonathan Weinberg <weinberg@mail.msen.com>

"What's the answer?  You got it  MORE gTLDs."


In my opinion, usage of the term "gTLD" with the knowledge that
many so called ccTLDs are in fact "generic" indicates a bias
toward the ISOC/IAHC process that invented that distinction in
an attempt to divide and conquer the various TLD factions and in
order to try to keep the ccTLD administrators on their side.

I think that ICANN needs to face the fact that there are already many
generic TLDs and many TLDs can become more generic. .ST appears
to be a high potential example with names like WALL.ST.

In order for ICANN to move forward, they have to take inventory of
the current 250+ TLDs and make them subject to their rules and
regulations before chartering new TLDs which could be handicapped
by the ICANN rules, if the other TLDs are unrestricted.

If ICANN evaluates one TLD per day, it could take almost a year
to get through all of the TLDs currently in the legacy root name
servers. By that time, the Internet will hopefully have moved much
further down the road and away from these debates.

Jim Fleming