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[comments-gtlds] ICANN needs to FIRST govern what it has...

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From: Petter Rindforth <petter.rindforth@enderborg.se>
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>From: "Petter Rindforth" <petter.rindforth@enderborg.se>
>The addition of new gTLDs must be made in a very
>controlled manner, and that's why it has to be just a few to begin with.
>If you add "just a few" why bother ? Why add any?
>What about the existing 250+ TLDs ?
>Why aren't people concerned about those ?
The fact is, that the lack of control over some TLDs in the past has created
a lot of difficulties.

Until ICANN can demonstrate that it has 100% of the
250+ TLDs under control, then I do not see how it can
be discussing adding new TLDs, because this will increase
the chances that they will not be able to "control" those
new TLDs.

While I do NOT support the notion that ICANN should
be a control organization, it is clear this is their goal and
the goal of the people that are supporting the ICANN
evolution. Given that, I think that ICANN and the people
that support that agenda need to FIRST work on getting
the situation they have under control, before expanding.

Fortunately, ICANN does not control the -DLD name
spaces or name spaces from innovative places like...


I am confident that people will find new and innovative ways
to route around the people who aspire to control the Internet
resources. ICANN, ARIN and the ISOC can continue on their
missions to control, while the rest of the world enjoys the net.

Jim Fleming