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[comments-gtlds] How about getting rid of TLDs ?

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From: Kent Crispin <kent@songbird.com> 

"adding one new gTLD will clearly not change the
status quo much; adding 100 will change the status quo a lot.  Given
that ICANN's number one priority is stability, evolutionary rather
than revolutionary change is obviously preferred.  This sentiment is 
very widely held; at the same time, however, there is *very* strong 
sentiment supporting evolutionary change."


If ICANN's "number one priority is stability"...
...would it not be prudent to FIRST evaluate the
EXISTING TLDs to see where they stand ?


Who is running all of these TLDs with the U.S. Government's
endorsement ?

How are the U.S. Government's computers being used ?

What are the implications with regard to national security
of the U.S. ?

Are people being misled that governments are backing the
TLDs, when in fact it could be some terrorist group in Libya
or Iraq ?...or people operating from inside U.S. Government
research labs ?

What is the current state of the TLD union ?

Jim Fleming