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[comments-gtlds] Fw: -DLD or .TLD (pick one)

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Date: Wednesday, July 28, 1999 1:04 PM
Subject: -DLD or .TLD (pick one)

>From: "Rita M. Odin" <OdinR@arentfox.com>
>Mark C. Langston wrote:
>>I don't understand.  What is it that the IP/TM crowd fear from >new gTLDs?
>> Is it the potential that someone might register a SLD that >infringes?
>It is more complicated than that, but on the simplest level - yes.
>Dear Ms. Odin:
>In the past four years, I think that technologists have pointed out over
>and over that if no new TLDs are added then consumers will expand
>into the -DLD.COM format as they have clearly done. It is unfortunate
>that the suggestions in 1995 of a large expansion of the TLD space
>were not followed and now we have the -DLD space being expanded.
>I think that you are now faced with a new problem. How can new TLDs
>be added without taking into consideration the "prior use rights" of
>any of the -DLD.COM owners ? Back in 1995 this was probably not
>a large number and an expansion of the TLDs would have relieved the
>pressure of consumer demand for choice, without much concern for
>the -DLD names. Now, in 1999, I do not think this is the case.
>If you are advocating more TLDs at this late stage, I would ask.
>    Will -DLD.COM names be grandfathered in a .DLD format ?
>If not, is ICANN going to become an organization that is creating
>solutions that ignore people's trademark and intellectual property
>rights ? If so, could it be that people who started out with the good
>intentions of protecting such rights by restricting TLDs now find
>themselves on the other side of the problem trying to explain to
>all of the -DLD people that they have no rights ?
>Jim Fleming