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[comments-gtlds] Re: Comments received

In the event the wg-c listmanager only accepts mail from members, which
I am not, I trust that the Chair (Javier) will foreward this on to that
list. In any case, I've addressed this to comments-gtlds as well.

In his recent mail to wg-c, the summary of one of the two public comments
for wg-c was given as:

	A request for the creation of a "North American Aboriginal"
	TLD with the TLA "NAA" by Eric Brunner 

A minor correction, the subject line of the submission is:

	Comment to WG_C: Indigenous Requirements of the DNS root

Of course, the one-line summary could be:

	"TLDs for non-colonials, presently one for the North Americas"

I personally don't hold any illusions about the outcome of the request,
it really is pro forma so that we can later show we made _every_ effort
to convince every relevant component of ICANN that the existing allocation
system is prejudicial to, and injurious of, the Abenaki and Siksika, all
Jay Treaty Tribes, all North American Tribes and pre- and post-Treaty
Indigenous social and cultural formations in North America.

While some people have suggested one or more human rights perspectives
on the DNS gTLD/ccTLD issues, the bulk of these have been based upon an
individualistic conceptions of human rights. I encourage wg_c to keep a
conception of human rights, not simply profit, as a guiding principle
in its work, and remind you all that our request is based upon a distinct
and collective conception of human rights, recognized in the UN Treaty

Kitakitamatsinopowaw, (I'll see you again (we don't have a "good bye"))