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[announce] FWD: IANA Staffing Changes

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Subject: IANA Staffing Changes

The IANA announces two changes in its staff in Marina del Rey
(one addition, one departure) and a realignment of some
responsibilities for tasks at the IANA.

Michelle M. Schipper will join ICANN on January 18 in the
position of Administrative Assistant for the IANA.  Josh Elliott,
who is currently handling various IANA responsibilities, has taken
a job in the for-profit sector.  His last day at ICANN will be
January 27, although he will be available for consultation to
ensure continuity in the handling of pending requests
for assignments.

With these changes, responsibilities at the IANA will be
realigned to ensure that all requests are resolved promptly
and properly.

   Assignments of protocol parameters (such as port numbers)
   will be handled by Ms. Schipper with the guidance
   and supervision of Joyce Reynolds and Suzanne Woolf.

   Handling of administrative functions involving root
   management (including requests for ccTLD delegations
   and updates to the root zone and root Whois information)
   will be the responsibility of Louis Touton.

   For the present, all requests to the IANA should be
   directed to iana@iana.org.  To speed handling of
   requests, in the near future we will be implementing
   and announcing topic-specific e-mail addressses.

The IANA will miss Josh and his many contributions, and
wishes him the very best in his future endeavors at
the forefront of a rapidly evolving Internet.