NCDNH Constituency of the DNSO

NCDNH Constituency of the DNSO

16 February 2002


From Sat Feb 16 17:29 MET 2002
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 17:31:11 +0100
From: Dany Vandromme 
To: NCDNHC-announce ,
Subject: News for the NCDNHC vote and RESTART OF THE PROCESS

Hi members

As usually, we are facing some difficulties!

1) There was a mismatch between the voting officers and the DNSO voting
system. Because of the schedule, as it was publically announced long
ago, standard ballots were send to all voting members with the DNSO
voting rules (weighted votes with successive rounds), which are quite
different from the rules of the constituency. Furthermore, the ballots
did not include the resolution approval, as they were expected to do.

I suggest (as requested by Milton) to cancel the vote as it was sent
yesterday, and to restart from scratch, with beginning today, 8:00 pm
CET. Doing so, we are loosing one day only, from the total voting
period, but as it is a week-end day, it should not hurt to much.

The closing date will remain Friday 22nd, 2002, 8:00 pm as announced.

* New ballots were generated by the voting officers, and sent to the
DNSO vote system.
* There are distinct ballots for small and large organisations.
* Small have one vote to allocate to one candidate, large have two
votes, to allocate to one or two candidates.
* Each ballot will include also the approval of resolutions. Large will
approve or disapprove with 2 votes, small will do with one vote.

2) the NCDNHC web server is not responding since friday afternoon. I
noticed it when I made an attempt to post the candidate statement of
Harold Feld. It is not a domain name problem as we experienced in the
past, since the both name and IP are traceable up to the ISOC domain. My
guess is that only the server is down. I send a request to ISOC staff to
fix that yesterday night, but no reaction so far. We must therefore live
a short period without web server (as short as possible I hope).


To summarize, the vote will start again to-night. The ballot name will
be different from the one used yesterday (noncomvote). It should be
NCDNHCvote, to be sure that there is no confusion with the first which
have been cancelled.

In case of trouble, feel free to contact primarly the voting officers
(Milton Mueller and YJ Park), but I may also be available by e-mail, if
needed. As a candidate, I should not have to manage all this, but as
adcom member, I think that it is important that we can follow the
deadline and that we get things going even during the week-end.



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