To:                  ICANN Board

From:             DNSO ISPCP Constituency

Regarding:  ICANN At Large Elections


With regards to the recent At-Large Membership vote, the ISPCP Constituency asks the ICANN Board to address the experiences and outcomes of the election in two major areas.


Firstly, the Board should review the membership registration process to improve accessibility and reliability, and that this review should examine methods of fully funding the registration process. Additionally, issues of voter turnout should be examined to determine which strategies of encouraging voters worked, and which appeared to be less successful. ICANN should consider ways to increase voter outreach.


Secondly, as part of the overall review of the election, the ICANN Board should examine the actual and potential risks for capture and packing of At-Large positions.


The ISPCP requests the ICANN Board to authorize and implement a full study of the recent election. This study should recommend specific measures to address the issues identified.


The ISPCP Constituency stands ready to participate as appropriate in such a study.