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[tor-udrp] RE: UDRP Task Force

Could you please also forward a short bio on each of these individuals?

-----Original Message-----
From: pphillips@cpradr.org [mailto:pphillips@cpradr.org]
Sent: Friday, July 20, 2001 8:08 AM
To: Cchicoine@thompsoncoburn.com
Cc: Smd@tzmm.com; aglover@cpradr.org
Subject: UDRP Task Force

Dear Ms. Chicoine:

In response to your recent correspondence, please note that CPR Institute
like to nominate F. Peter Phillips (representing CPR as a Provider) and M.
Donahey (representing CPR's Panel) to the ICANN Names Council's UDRP Review

Please advise me and Mr. Donahey, at the e-mail addresses provided, of our
responsibilities to the Task Force.  

F. Peter Phillips
Vice President
CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution
Tel:  212-949-6490
Fax: 212-949-8859

cc:  M. Scott Donahey
Allen Glover

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