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[tor-udrp] Fwd: RV: About the UDRP process

This was sent to me today. I am forwarding it to the committee
without having read it; it seems to be a comment on the UDRP
by a Spanish company. Apologies if they sent it to you independently.


Dear Sirs/Madams:

Here attached, for your information, is a document expressing our views
about the current UDRP process. We have thought you might be interested on
this matter as you are a well recognized expert and are fully involved on
domain name disputes. Based on a deep analysis of the UDRP provisions and on
our own experience after suffering a UDRP process on the case
"denuestratierra.com" (WIPO case D2000-1748), we are firmly convinced that
the UDRP process requires an urgent revision to avoid an abusive use of its
provisions and capabilities. The document has a natural Spanish perspective
and we apologize for the specific references being made to this fact.

The aim of the document is a positive contribution to further improvements
and good faith use of the UDRP procedure. Some of the proposals being made
are no other things than original recommendations made by WIPO in its final
report (April, 1999).
We are at your disposal for any further clarification on this matter.

Kind regards

Legal team
La Vega, 34
45223 Seseņa (Toledo)
Tel +34 609220403
Fax: + 34 91 8088013.

UDRP Process and related issues.doc

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