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[seats1314] GNSO Council vote for Chair:please check results

[To: seats1314@dnso.org]

Dear Council Members,

Please find the results of the GNSO Council vote for chair at:
on the GNSO Council agenda

As provided in the ICANN bylaws http://www.icann.org/general/bylaws.htm,
each GNSO Council member representing either the registrars constituency or
the gTLD registries constituency will be entitled to cast two votes. Members
of the council representing the other four constituencies (business users,
non-commercial users, ISP, and intellecual property constituency) will be
entitled to cast one vote.


Ballot sent with       3 choices
           b04:[ ] FOR Bruce Tonkin
           b04:[ ] AGAINST Bruce Tonkin
           b04:[ ] ABSTAIN from this vote

Electorate of      18 persons
Nb of voters       18 persons

Public results (sorted by personal code)
 b04K:K24b8Z:[X] FOR Bruce Tonkin
 b04K:K27dcZ:[X] FOR Bruce Tonkin
 b04K:K2887Z:[ X] FOR Bruce Tonkin
 b04K:K29efZ:[x] FOR Bruce Tonkin (Power 02)
 b04K:K2d02Z:[ x] FOR Bruce Tonkin (Power 02)
 b04K:K4e05Z:[X] FOR Bruce Tonkin
 b04K:K52e0Z:[x] ABSTAIN from this vote (Power 02)
 b04K:K5682Z:[x] FOR Bruce Tonkin (Power 02)
 b04K:K7541Z:[x ] FOR Bruce Tonkin
 b04K:K83c5Z:[X] FOR Bruce Tonkin
 b04K:K8416Z:[x ] FOR Bruce Tonkin
 b04K:K8a37Z:[X] FOR Bruce Tonkin (Power 02)
 b04K:Ka718Z:[x] FOR Bruce Tonkin
 b04K:Kb602Z:[X] FOR Bruce Tonkin
 b04K:Kc174Z:[x ] FOR Bruce Tonkin
 b04K:Kd86eZ:[X ] FOR Bruce Tonkin
 b04K:Kdd9aZ:[ X ] FOR Bruce Tonkin
 b04K:Ke21bZ:[X ] FOR Bruce Tonkin (Power 02)

Vote results:
            0 AGAINST Bruce Tonkin
            1 ABSTAIN from this vote (1*Power 02) =  2
           17 FOR Bruce Tonkin (5*Power 02,12*01) = 22
                                            TOTAL = 24

Please check your vote, as the results will be ratified at the GNSO Council
meeting in Montreal.

Thank you very much.
GNSO Secretariat

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