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[registrars] Registrar Meeting

I have spoken with several registrars over the past couple of days with
regard to the growing number of issues that are confronting the
constituency. Although we are scheduled to meet in Yokohama next month, it
does not appear that there will be a large turnout. This factor coupled with
the time differential makes participation via a telephone bridge even less
attractive. Therefore, I propose having a meeting in DC June 21st.  The
propose of this meeting will be to discuss the following:

(1) Recent problems with regard to domain name hijacking and other issues
involving transfer requests
Note: Several registrars have discussed providing an invitation to law
enforcement personal (FBI etc.) that have been currently investigating these
hijacking issues.

(2) What is it that Registrars do: sell a product or provide a service.
There are several registrars that have a different viewpoint on this topic
and it needs to be discussed. For those advocates of the product viewpoint
please read the Umbro and the sex.com opinions.

(3) Code of Conduct issues. I would like to thank Richard Lindsey for
getting out a draft document based on the original work of Jeff Shrewsbury.
I think we collectively need to speed the progress of this document.

(4) Registrar funding and structure.  Funding is a growing problem. The $250
that I have collected to date was for last year's NC bill (total $5,000).
According to the budget adopted by the NC we will to pony up ($19,000).
Structure is a problem when you consider that there is a growing distinction
between large Registrars and smaller to mid-size Registrars. Will all
registrars be required to pay the same fees, or will voting rights have to
be impacted. These are fundamental issues that we as an organization must
answer if we are to grow as an industry.

(5) A Registrar Statement on Working Group B & C issues. The staff report is
due out next week. I strongly believe that a joint Registrar Statement would
be beneficial.

I have several people looking into room availability and telephone
conference facilities.  Several registrars have also expressed an interest
in contributing financially to host the event.

I look to take the progress achieved at this meeting to springboard our
efforts in Yokohama.

Please provide feedback ASAP as time is short.