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Re: [registrars] Moving the gTLD debate forward...


Timothy Denton wrote:

> Paul:
> I again smell bad faith in proposals of the sort that say: "well, WG-B could
> not come up with consensus on tghe means for the protection of famous names
> so we obviously cannot have new TLD's."

What's your mission, ...... to stall the whole debate????

I don't smell that aroma ....and to make sure, I think it would be prudent for
the NC to keep the ball moving forward by recognizing the areas of consensus and
giving a broad and positive path for the Board to consider the introduction of
new gTLDs..... in the knowledge they have the full support of the Registrar
constituency... .

If you want to wait until WG B comes to consensus, or prefer the NC to bring the
current consensus points together in a manner that the Board can take it to the
next stage.. please state your preference??  The reason for asking the question
is to specifically avoid the "smell" and to send a clear message to the Board
that they should move forward with this most pressing issue.

Since my earlier mail I have received a significant number of private emails
requesting me to vote in a manner that moves the debate move forward, if you
want to stall the debate, please say so, justifying your reasons.  I welcome
your feedback.