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RE: [registrars] Yokohama Meeting


In attendance in Yokohama will be Roger Cochetti, representing NSI
(including the NSI Registrar), as well as Michael Johnson and myself,
representing the NSI Registrar.  

We will plan on attending the Registrar Constituency meeting on the
afternoon of July.



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		Subject:	[registrars] Yokohama Meeting

		How many people are planning to attend the ICANN Yokohama
meeting in July?

		I have tentatively reserved a room for the registrar
constituency the
		afternoon of July 13th, although I am waiting for
confirmation. This room
		was free as it was provided to ICANN by a local host. If
this time is not
		acceptable, we will need to pick another place and time.
However, we may
		have to pay for this room. I have been told that meeting
rooms are expensive
		($2,000 to $10,000). Please check you calendars as this
schedule is
		different than usual, i.e. weekend meetings.