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[registrars] Different date or time

Thursday is not the best time because Phil Sbarbaro, Louie Tuton and myself
will be out in Colorado on a Panel discussion  our favorite topic trademarks
and the Internet: UDRP, WG-B , etc.. I believe Phil and myself have a lot to
bring to the table. Is another day or time possible?

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To:	Ross Wm. Rader; Lauren Gaviser; Robert F. Connelly; registrars@dnso.org
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Subject:	RE: [registrars] Conference call? on IPC proposals

I propose a conference call next Tuesday at 4pm EST, on the subject of
domain name expansion/protections for TM holders, and so forth. The
rationale for 4pm is that it will allow early risers on the Pacific rim to
join in.

There has been considerable interest expressed in the idea of a
teleconference, and we shall have it.

If people would indicate their availability for this call at this proposed
time, we could plan the number of lines more effectively.

Thank you.

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Subject: Re: [registrars] Conference call? on IPC proposals

At 11:14 19-04-2000 -0500, Lauren Gaviser wrote:
>I support the idea of having a conference call on this subject, although I
>like to see it scheduled for a different time given that Passover starts
>tonight, and then it's Good Friday.

We would concur on the timing -- and thanks to Tucows.  BobC