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Re: [registrars] Code of Conduct

The antitrust issues start to apply when a *single* company controls a
market, but you can always take your advertising to Alta Vista or Excite or
wherever........ however, I am not a lawyer and all the usual disclaimers apply!


At 02:26 am 04/03/2000 -0400, Ross Wm. Rader wrote:
>> Dear Ivan:  In the lack of some strong reasons for Yahoo to accept your 
>> advertising, that is a very alarming position for them to take.
>> I would expect them to be under the same anti-trust constraints as any 
>> major newspaper.  Can you imagine NY Times refusing to advertise Ford 
>> products because they had GM as a client?
>> If you can confirm your observations, action should be taken by Justice.
>> We could not afford to buy their advertising, but it would be interesting 
>> if a consortium of Accredited registrars attempted to take out an ad;-)
>These types of arrangements are commonplace - try to take out advertising
>on Lycos and you will likely find that Jeff Field @ Namesecure has an
>exclusive. Most of the portals have entered into exclusive relationships
>with a number of registrars and there is nothing that can be done about
>it AFAIK...
>The antitrust angle is interesting, but I believe that it is a standard
>principle of business (and most likely law) that a company can choose whom
>they do business with (or in this case, who they do not). All the money in
>the world isn't likely to get your name on 3Com park before their contract
>runs out...
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