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Fw: [registrars] UPDATE (repost)

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From: Greg Schuckman <schuckman@starpower.net>
To: <mpalage@infonetworks.com>
Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2000 8:37 AM
Subject: Re: [registrars] UPDATE (repost)

> For those members of the constituency who were not preset at Cairo last
> week, you should be aware that our Secretariat did an 'outstanding' job.
> Not only did he manage the registrar meeting well (which had around 50
> people there or more), but he performed superbly in running the WG-B
> in which he also serves as co-chair.  If you can picture 100 people in a
> room, registrars and IP folks, facing one another with Michael in the
> middle, trying to keep the debate over famous marks and new gTLDS from
> spiraling into a heated (and unproductive) debate, you would begin to get
> flavor for what Tuesday night was like.  The meetings (public and private)
> were indeed productive and I am confidant that ICANN will be in a position
> to favorably act on the issue come July.  For those who were not present,
> let me also say that the members of this constituency are some of the best
> people I have ever met.  We genuinely had a good time and I have the
> pictures to prove it!  Do I have any volunteers to post pics from Cairo on
> the Web?
> Thank you again Michael for the Herculean performance you delivered last
> week in spite of your illness.  One would never know that you were so
> on the inside when you were anything but to the outside.  I am proud to be
> member of this Constituency and am grateful for the friendship and support
> that was shared in Cairo.  Here's to new gTLDs, belly dancers, and 'bisha
> bisha.'  If you are not a member of this constituency, all I can say is
> don't know what you are missing' and that is what Bob and I will be
> on in the next few months to ensure that we have a strong, comprehensive
> unified constituency heading into Yokohama.
> Greg Schuckman
> register.com
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> From: Michael D. Palage <mpalage@infonetworks.com>
> To: Registrars@Dnso.Org <registrars@dnso.org>
> Sent: Monday, March 13, 2000 4:47 PM
> Subject: [registrars] UPDATE (repost)
> > The Registrar Mailing server seems to be having a little problem so I ma
> > reposting this message I sent earlier but which I did receive through
> > mailing list.
> >
> >
> > For those that were unable to attend the Cairo meeting last week or
> > participate in the teleconference, I would like to state that I believe
> that
> > it was a productive meeting. To recap.
> >
> > The constituency was very active in the area of Working Group B (Famous
> > Trademark Protection). Without adequately addressing the IP community's
> > concern new top-level domain will be delayed. However, in a very
> productive
> > WG-B meeting and subsequent discussions between registrars and IP people
> in
> > private. Much progress was made. It appears that a buy-in from the IPC
> with
> > regard to the "sunrise" provision is possible. The only difference
> > to be on the creation of a famous marks list. In our original proposal
> > called for all registered trademarks being eligible for the sunrise
> period.
> > However, the IP people thought this would be a nightmare with hundreds
> > millions of marks registered world wide. Most of the registrars in
> > attendance shared this viewpoint and were willing to discuss the
> of
> > a list. We as a group must now agree on whether this is in our best
> > interest. Please note we have made it VERY clear that such a list could
> only
> > be used in connection with a sunrise period and NOT in connection with
> > filtering system.  The next step is to agree upon what price the famous
> > trademark owners will be charged during this sunrise period. They are
> > concerned about being charged a premium. The IPC will be getting back to
> us
> > within the next couple of weeks to agree on a potential compromise. I
> > keep you informed. I personally believe that this issue will be put to
> > in Japan
> >
> > With regard to new top-level domains. Although things are much less than
> > crystal clear, there is progress being made.
> >
> > Within the Registrars Constituency the major issues focused on the need
> for
> > the Constituency to get properly funded and organized. To date, only the
> > following registrars have paid the min. constituency fees ($250) for the
> NC
> > expenses: PSI-Japan, NameSecure, DomainBank, InfoAvenue, Register.com,
> > InfoNetworks and AllWest. If there is anyone that paid by electronic
> > transfer and did not notify me please do so.
> >
> > In Cairo there was much discussion about the need to increase the
> > constituency fee to allow us to organize and have regular telephone
> > conferences in between ICANN regional meetings. Bruce Beckwith from NSI
> > looking into estimated teleconference charges so we can better estimate
> > budget. Clive Flory from Melbourne IT has expressed an interest in
> > up a financial task force to put an exact figure on the constituency fee
> and
> > help me in collecting the money.
> >
> > The next major discussion point was failure for some operational ICANN
> > accredited registrars to comply with the requirements of the contract.
> Louie
> > Tuton discussed that ICANN was interviewing a compliance liaison to
> > registrar activity.  However, there was serious discussion within those
> > attendance about the need to create a best practice  document and/or a
> Code
> > of Conduct. Louie indicated that it would be possible for this document
> > be adopted by the broad and imposed on ALL ICANN accredited registrars
> even
> > those NOT participating within the constituency.
> >
> > Another major concern was the warehousing of domain names by ICANN
> > accredited registrars.
> >
> > Bob Connelly from PSI-Japan and Greg Schuckman from Register.com have
> > indicated their willingness to increase registrar participation in the
> > process. Recently I have received some new applications. Thank you guys.
> >
> > There remains a lot to be done but I just wanted to drop everyone a line
> and
> > let them know what has been going on.
> >
> > Mike
> >