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[registrars] Chantge of date of creation of transferred domain names.


Several of us were discussing the UDRP process and the large number of 
cases being filed just now.

I suggested that some or many of them could be cases which were dropped on 
3 January 2000 when NSI RegistraR abandoned its old system and adopted the 

To check, we looked at the "creation" date of 20-30 of the cases on the web 
site.  I was surprised to see the date on most (but not all) cases which 
had been settled by transfer of domain were current, that is, year 2000 dates.

I presume that, in most cases, a new date is established.   However, that 
is not uniform.  The cases I checked were all NSI RegistraR 
registrations.  I think it might be best to establish the same policy in 
all cases.

It might be best to have leave the original date as it was.

It would also be interesting to have a record of the original dates of 
creation.  I realize that it's a bit late for what I am going to suggest, 
but it would be helpful if the ICANN list showed the original creation date.

As time goes on, it would be hoped that fewer registrations would become 
the subject of UDRP challenges.  I would hypothesize that the requirement 
of "cash on the barrel head" would substantially reduce the number of 
speculative registrations.  Further, the history of successful challenges 
should act as a deterrent on cybersquatting in the future.

If the date I recommend were added to the ICANN list, it would be easier to 
test my hypothesis.

Any thoughts?

Regards, BobC