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Re: [registrars] Hi everyone

Hi Tony,

Welcome to the constituency.  Look forward to seeing you in

> Hi,
> I'm newly a member of the registrar constituency.  I'll be in Cairo, and
> looking forward to participating.
> Is this list archived?

Yes, archives are:


> Thanks to anyone who can point me toward some resources to catch up a bit.
> Michael Palage most kindly invited me to phone him, but I wasn't able to do
> so.

DNSO portion:


The page linked above has some information, and links to pretty much
all the documentation that exists.  I think the page that is up there
now is something that I threw together, so it is not pretty...
Getting our word out a little better is one of the constituency
"things to work on" I think, so as a new member, I would value your
opinion as to how well we are doing so far, and how we can improve

Best regards