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Re: [registrars] Run-Off Ballot

At 11:11 19-02-2000 -0500, Michael D. Palage wrote:
>Attached below is a ballot and some additional proposals for amending the

Dear Michael:

You say, "... the by-laws".  Would it not be well to specify *which* 
by-laws?  ICANN's by-laws, certainly not.  DNSO's by-laws, I don't think 
so.  I presume you are referring to some existing Registrar Constituency 

If we, the Registry Constituency, have some existing by-laws, please 
forward a copy.  Please re-post ballot showing the old provision along with 
the new provision.  If the present by-laws are moot on the issue, state 
that proposal is new.

Regards, BobC