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[registrars] Final Call For Name Counsel Nominations

This is the last call for nominations to fill the two vacancies that the
Registrar Constituency currently has on the Names Counsel Board. Nominations
will close at 24 GMT Tuesday the 8th.

The nominations to date are:

Francios Collignon (Europe) (7 Ways)
Paul Kane (Europe)
Erica Roberts (Asia) (Melbourne IT)

Could these nominees please post a brief bio and qualifications paper,
listing any potential conflicts of interest.

Voting will commence on Friday Feb 4th and close Wednesday Feb 9th 24 GMT. I
will post a ballot to the list on Friday.


P.S. To date I have received the following votes concerning the SLA

Domain Bank supports option 1.
InterQ supports option 1.
A Technology Company, Inc. supports Option 1.
AOL supports Option 1.
Computer Data Networks supports Option 1.
chinadns.com supports Option 1.
Melbourne IT supports Option 1.
InterAccess is comfortable with option 1.
7ways support option 1.
Virtual Internet supports option 1.
A+Net supports option 1.
All West supports Option 1.
Total WebSolutions supports option 1.
CORE is comfortable with option 1.
PSI Japan supports option 1.
InfoNetworks supports Option 1.
Info Avenue supports option 1.

EnetRegistry.com has to vote for option 2.
Direct Connection has voted for option 2.
Register.com has voted for option 2.
DomainRegistry.com also supports option 2
N@meIT.net votes for option 2.