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RE: [registrars] SLA - Decision Time

A Technology Company, Inc. supports Option 1.

This agreement offers a good beginning from which we can continue to build.
We will need at least 6 months to get a better understanding of accurate
measuring tools and the different registry processes.  Only then will we be
able to accurately measure performance.  My sense is that alot of the
variables created in the current SLA agreement will change along the way.

Secondly, there's no point fighting for an agreement that both parties are
unwilling to support.  At the end of the day the agreement is only as good
as the good faith of the parties involved.

Jason Hendeles

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Subject: [registrars] SLA - Decision Time
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I would like feedback on the following issue. The SLA Task Force working in
conjunction with NSI "the registry" drafted a SLA which was circulated among
the list a few weeks back. After the initial circulation there was some
concerns raised by a couple of registrars that this agreement was not
adequate enough.  The crossroads which we are now at requires us to either
accept this SLA with the current built in re-negotiation periods at the
initial 6 month mark and then annually thereafter, or forego any SLA until
such time that more accurate metrixs can be defined.

Your choices:
(1) Adopted the SLA in its current form with a re-evaluation at a 6 month
Pros: We have something to start with as opposed to nothing; the majority of
the Task Force thought it was an acceptable first try with the condition
that it be revisited at the designated periods of time
Cons: Once you establish a benchmark it will be difficult to raise the bar;
(2) Enter into no agreement until further comparative metrixs can be
Pros: It will allow for a more accurate measurement of what the SLA should
be. A significant amount of consumer complaints have involved
SRS downtime and other performance issues
Cons: There will be no SLA in place to hold NSI accountable.
(3) Abstain

If you could respond as quickly as possible I would greatly appreciate it.



P.S. I will be circulating a draft agenda item for the Cairo meeting
shortly. Any topics that people would like to see addressed please forward
them to me.