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Re: [registrars] Important Update

At 09:14 29-12-1999 -0500, Michael D. Palage wrote:

Dear Michael:

I've asked at least six times to be added to this WG.  I've asked you 
personally.  Nothing happens.  If there is something that I have to do to 
get added to the list, please let me know.

I believe I have a lot to add to this WG.  I have patiently endured the 
mental masturbation that goes on in WG-C "for the good of the order", but I 
don't like it.

PLEASE, PLEASE, FOR WHAT I HOPE IS THE LAST TIME, tell me what I must do to 
get into this WG.


>Working Group B Task Force. Working Group B is tasked with protecting famous
>trademarks in connection with the DNS. I am currently chairing this Working
>Group. The are already several registrars participating in this Working
>Group but I believe this effort needs to be focused. For the benefit of
>those not up to date on Working Group B's activities, there is a push by the
>trademark community to establish filters as part of the DNS process. I
>believe that we collectively find this system inequitable, because we must
>pay to install and maintain the filters and we have less domain names to
>provide. For those of you that believe that this should just be passed off
>to the registry, NSI has indicated that there is a significant cost
>associated with filters. This is why NSI the registrar is phasing out all
>filters. Therefore, I leave it to you to read between the lines. If filters
>are mandated on the registry, it is possible that NSI would ask for an
>increase in the registry fee. Remember that $6 fee can only go up, never
>down. However, NSI is not to be blamed for this. In fact, Phil Sbarbaro at
>NSI has expressed preliminary interest in backing a position paper that I
>drafted that advocated a right of first refusal. The benefits of this system
>is that trademark owners must pay for the registration of domain names prior
>to the opening of any new top-level domains and that filter would not be
>required.  This working group will have a direct and significant impact on
>the operation of all registrars.