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[registrars] accredited by ICANN logo

Hi all,

Following suggestions by fellow registrars we did the following:

1. Removed the word "by" from the logo.
2. Removed the background color, so that the logo can fit
    any page.
3. To avoid the hassle of extracting the logo from our web site
    I'm attaching the logo here in two formats .gif and .psd

We offer the logo free to all accredited Registrars and to ICANN
as well. We believe it will be of benefit to all if ICANN publishes the
logo at their site for download and install by newly accredited 

Best regards and good luck.

Ivan Vachovsky, 
ABACUS America Inc. aka A+Net
4660 La Jolla Village Drive, ste 880
San Diego, CA, 92122
phone (858) 558-4932  x103
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