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Re: [registrars] Revised Registrar Agenda


Thanks for putting together the agenda.  There will be a lot to
discuss, in a very little amount of time.  If we want to get through
everything, we may want to set some time limits for each section,
so that we can work our way through the entire agenda.  By the
way, I think we can get the room for an extra hour, if we want
to extend to 7:00pm (we can decide based on the progress we make.)

I am looking forward to seeing everyone, in my first face to face
since Berlin.  There has been a lot going on, and many of the
registrar related teleconferences have been either very late at
night or very early in the morning, so I have not been able to

See you all Monday!

"Michael D. Palage" wrote:

> AGENDA ITEMS: Meeting Monday 3 PM to 6 PM - room to be announced
> * Role Call:
> * Membership Update / Outreach
> * Consensus building process recommendations, Votebot update
> * Names Counsel (NC) Issues:
>         New election for Amadeu's seat
>         Richard's waiver status
>         Nominations
>         Pro Tem NC / revise by-laws
> * Funding of Constituency - mandated by NC
> * Registry Performance standards (NSI registry officials will be in
> attendance)
>         SRS upgrades / performance
>         Zone file updates frequency
> * Whois database
>         Need for standards
> * Update on UDP - most substantive material will be discussed in Tues.
> morning workshop
> * Update on recent domain name litigation involving registration authorities
> Lockheed Martin - Skunkworks case
> * Anti-Trust concerns w/r/t to Constituency's action
> Need for increased communication
> * Ethical standards w/r/t warehousing of Domain Names by registrars
> * Copyright Coalition on Domain Names - survey
> * Olympic and Red Cross filtering contracts
> * Working Group B - update
> From the feedback that I have received it looks like the LA meeting will be
> the most widely attended meeting to date by the various registrars.  Listed
> below is the agenda and format of the meeting. Look forward to seeing you
> all there.
> Mike

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