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[registrars] The world sees the NSI/Doc/ICANN proposed contract

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To: KM who wrote (1303)
Wednesday, Sep 29 1999 4:57PM ET
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This is only the beginning. NSOL is a mortgage breaker if held for the next 4-5 years. As a result of this agreement with the US Federal Government, NSOL has clear sailing to conduct its business and strengthen its position as the 500 pound gorilla in this space.
More importantly, anybody wishing to conduct business on the web will have to put some of their money into NSOL pockets. Whether it is $6/year coming from domains registered with competitors, or $35/year coming from domains registered with NSOL, it is going into their pockets.
As such, this has to be a buy, hold and accumulate for many years to come. Turmoil will be a fact of life in Internet stocks but it is better to hold than to be like one of many investors who sold their AOL, AMZN or YHOO back in 1997.
Hold until 2004 and then use your profits to pay your mortgage.