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[registrars] Re: [ga] Resignation from DNSO Names Council

At 20:01 22-10-1999 -0400, you wrote:
>That someone of the character of Abril i Abril should be put on the
>ICANN Board is no less a thing for us all to be devoutly ashamed of
>- when there are people of the stature of Karl Auerbach, Peter
>Dengate-Thrush, and Nii Quaynor who have been rejected - than that
>Abril i Abril was ever allowed to be a member of the Names Council
>in the first place.

Dear Michael:

I cannot let that pass without a challenge.  I think you are wronging a 
very noble gentleman.

But I remember your mind set when I loaned you my PC.  Very negative.

Personal regards,

'Ome is where my