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Re: [registrars] Examples of tiering

Richard Forman wrote:
> I have gotten some questions about just how tiering would work.  I can think
> of one example and hopefully some of you can think of some others.  Here it
> goes:
> Volume of registrations per quarter (3 months)          Fee paid to ICANN
> 0 to X registrations                       $A (fixed, not variable)
> X-1 to Y registrations                     $B (fixed, not variable)
> above Y registrations                      $C (fixed, not variable)
> Richard D. Forman
> President & CEO
> Register.com,  Inc.

I just ran over to CompUSA and ran an analysis of the above
on one of the G4 "SuperComputerOnAChip" Macintoshes.

The answer came back: tiering is only a good idea if
you are one of the largest "Y" registrars. I say 100% variable
is the way to go.

Larry Erlich

Larry Erlich - DomainRegistry.com - NetScott Operations 
215-244-6700 - FAX:215-244-6605 - Reply:erlich@domainregistry.com