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[registrars] ICANN Drafting Committee

Most of you know that as part of the ICANN Board's resolutions in Santiago 
the ICANN staff has been directed to assemble a drafting committee to prepare 
"implementation documents" based upon the model domain name dispute 
resolution policy that many of us have been working on the past few months.

Louis Touton, who is organizing that effort, would like to have a participant 
from among the registrar community and has asked AOL to play that role.  We 
have agreed to have our outside counsel at Skadden Arps sit on the drafting 
committee.  Since our role is intended to be "representative," we will be 
updating you periodically during the next few weeks about the drafting 
committee's efforts and discussions.  And we will look for your input on 
changes that are proposed to be made to the current draft policy.

Given the hard work and compromising which has already gone into the existing 
draft policy, and our mutual interest in finally having a policy that can be 
uniformly adopted by the registrars, we will push to minimize the changes 
made by the drafting committee absent substantial, broadly-accepted 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Jim Bramson
America Online, Inc.