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[registrars] Calling for your help

Hi all,

According to the Bylaws, each DNSO WG should have at lest one membver
form each constituency.

No matter what the rules say, I think we all have to commit some
effort to make this experiment a success.

Volunteers for this one?


The revised charter for Committee E Global Awareness and Outreach
is published under:

Please consider the revised charter proposal as the report to
General Assembly and Names Council in Santiago ICANN Meeting.

We need to have participation from all regions and all constituencies
to be a valid Committee under DNSO. We are missing Latin America,
and several constituencies (ISPCP, IP, Business and Commercial, gTLD,
Registrars). Please join the committee, and participate actively.

There are only 11 members in the Committee E now, and it will 
take some time before we can move in top gear.
We are planning the face-to-face meeting in Santiago, possibly
on Tuesday August 24th over lunch.

Kilnam Chon, co-chair