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[registrars] Sentate act.

Dear Colleagues:

Just heard the news that the new anti cybersquatting law passed the U.S. 
Senate.  This is some kind of speed record for bills before the 
Senate.  Perhaps Internet time compression *really* works;-}

Regards, BobC

BTW, I was in D.C. from 13 to 17 June --- called on about 15 legislators 
and/or their aides "on the Hill".

No one mentioned the proposed bill, which was dated 21 June.  Only 
forty-five days from being "dropped" till it passed, speed of light, 
methinks:-)  Bills of this type normally take two sessions, well over 365 
days --- if they make it at all.

"Never get in a peeing contest with a skunk!"
Ulric B. Bray (slightly expurgated)