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Re: [registrars] This List

At 16:49 06-08-99 +0100, Miesha Vukasinovic wrote:
>Could I ask that when people make submissions to this list that they put 
>it through a spelling/grammatical checker.  They are becoming increasingly 
>difficult to read.
>Many thanks.
>Miesha Vukasinovic.

Dear Miesha:

I've often had the same feeling.  However, I've never posted a message to 
that effect.

Remember, there are two sensitive areas involved.  The postings are in 
English as understood by the writers.  However, many have *no* English 
spell checkers.  Such a complaint throws wood on the complaints that 
organisations such as ours are English centric and U.S. centric.  (I 
thought twice about that last sentence, but the complaints are *not* about 
being "North American centric;-)

Your will note that I wrote "organisations" rather than "organizations".  I 
have never been able to get my Oxford spell program running in Eudora.

Regards, BobC, a Yank who's lived in Tokyo for 28 years today:-)

'Ome is where my