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Re: [registrars] 11 new Registrars for SRS?

We are one of the original 15 post-testbed Registrars and have not been contacted by NSI. Perhaps NSI's 11 was from somewhere else.

Since the issue of the SRS is peeking through the fees/lobbying efforts it seems a good time to make our formal announcement to the rest of the group:

WebTrends Corporation started as a software development company and has extensive expertise in databases, Java, Solaris, etc.  When we have completed our SRS interface we are planning to offer our open source code to all other accredited registrars (who have completed any pertinent NDA agreements with NSI) and to ICANN at no charge. There is no point in re-inventing the wheel 52-plus times at untold expense to everyone.

Suzanne Baylor
WebTrends Corporation
(503) 294-7025 x236
1-888-WebTrends x236

per-anders.hurtigh@ports.se wrote:

> "While Network Solutions is continuing to work with the initial
> testbed registrars, Network Solutions' business affairs office has
> already contacted the next eleven registrars to enable them to begin
> software development of the client end of the SRS interface."
> /pah