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[registrars] Re: Update - Coalition of Domain Name Registrars

Dear Richard:  There were apparently some names in your distribution list 
that my local, Japan, ISP did not like.  Feed free to circulate this note 
to your full list.


At 19:25 16-07-99 -0400, Richard Forman wrote:
>Dear Fellow Registrars,
>I wanted to send you this email to give you a brief update on the activities
>of our newly formed group, the Coalition of Domain Name Registrars.
>Overall, our meetings have been very successful.  The Congressmen, Senators
>and their staff members have been very interested in our industry and very
>supportive of fair and equal access.  However, there remains a great deal of
>support for the status quo.  Representative Bliley of Virginia , Chair of
>the House Commerce Committee, controls all appropriations for the Department
>of Commerce.  The NTIA, Becky Burr's group, is dependent upon Bliley for all
>of its funding.
>At this point, we need your support.  Bliley's committee is holding a
>hearing on Thursday, July 22nd, entitled "Is ICANN out of control?"
>Interestingly enough, no accredited registrars had been asked to testify
>until we began to lobby Congress in earnest. Most of the people that had
>been asked to testify are critics of ICANN.  Our coalition urgently requires
>additional money and at least one representative to go to Washington, DC
>prior to this hearing to speak with various Congressman, Senators and their
>staffers.  Susan Davis International, the group's lobbyist, will set-up
>these meetings up for you.

Dear Richard:

The best person to speak for the process is the President of AETEA, if he 
is still so inclined.

He is a former Representative.  His office is in Connie Morella's district 
(#8).  I have the impression that he was the Representative from her 
district in the past.

He testified several times for CORE in the Jan-Feb 1998 time slot.

I fear AETEA has let their membership in CORE drop.  However, if he *will* 
speak for the Coalition, he could be very effective --- he knows where the 
rocks are.  I believe his name is Fred Shulman.

On a related subject, Jane and I are very active in Republican's 
Abroad.  I'm copying Mike Jones, Executive Director of RAI with this 
note.  He may have some thoughts.

Then there's my distant cousin Alan Simpson.  Perhaps he's still in the 

I'll keep thinking.

Thanks for all your good efforts.

Personal regards,

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